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Fake Bullet Holes & Damage Stickers Illusion

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Fake bullet holes and damage stickers make the perfect illusion or gag prank for April fools day, or any occasion. Imagine seeing the faces of your friends or relatives as they see these real looking fake bullet holes all over thier car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV. These fake bullet holes and damage stickers are great for autos, cars, trucks, boats, bikes, R/C cars, lockers, or just about anything.

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Fake Bullet Hole Stickers

Large Rolls

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71 Fake Bullet Hole Mix & More

$20.00 a set ( 12 sheets )
You Get It ALL !!
Thats 1 Sheet of each style
Only $1.66 each sheet compared
to $1.75 each on our sheets page.

89 Fake Bullet
Hole Mix & More

Unlimited Qty

Order 1 get 89 Items
Order 2 get 178 Items
Order 3 get 267 Items
Order 4 get 356 Items

Only 22¢ an Item

Place a check mark in the box then place desired order in the box.
NOTE: You will receive 89 Items for every 1 order.

89 Fake Bullet
Hole Mix & More

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So real looking you have to touch them with your own finger to tell.

Totally fake out your friends or relatives by putting these Fake Bullet Holes on their Car or Truck or virtually anywhere.

These 100% vinyl stickers will not harm or damage the application.

They are water resistant, washable, and can be removed and used again and again.

You've got to try them out for yourself. Fool your friends and family.

Hear what our customers are saying...

I loved the first set of flames so much I thought I better get 3 more sets! Thanks again!
------ J. Speicher, PA

I never laughed so hard. I put them on my moms brand new 2002 Isuzu Trooper and when she walked out the house and saw her jeep she screamed!
------ M. Boyd, CA

A group of us went hunting up north and though it would be funny to put some of your bullet holes on his truck while we were out in the woods. I had stayed behind a few minutes and loaded up one side of his truck with them. 6 hours later when we came back to the truck to go back into town to get lunch he saw them from the distance. He stopped and almost had a heart attack. He flipped out so bad it took him the rest of the weekend till he finally talked to me again. Now its a great memory and we play this trick on every new friend we take up north with us. We have a blast.
------ J. Richards, MI

Since I've put them on my car I've sold a ton of sheets from people asking me about them when I stop at traffic lights. This has been a great side income and I don't have to do anything. They sell themselves!!!!
------ C. Lewiston, RI

These are great gag items. They sell like hot cakes at my local flee market. Thanks so much.
------ A. Hopkins, TX

Cool product! Fast delivery and excellent communication! # 1 AAA++
------ K. Fukuda, IL

I have a 99 Jeep wrangler that due to paint chips on the front end I put bullet hole stickers over them to prevent rusting. Well I got on the internet and ordered a ton more, and now my Jeep has well over 200 bullet hole stickers on it. It is a traffic stopper people of all ages love it. I need to redo the stickers and found your sight. I am looking forwards to trying out those 50 cal. stickers they are too cool.
------ G. Mohun, OR

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Fake Bullet Holes

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